Civil & Commercial Mediator

Oliver is a full time, accredited civil and commercial mediator who works nationwide. Oliver helps parties find workable solutions to a wide range of emotive and contentious disputes that cover trust, tax, company, partnership, property, charity, probate and elder law. He is a solicitor (non-practicing) who trained at Allen and Overy LLP, London and worked at Wrigleys Solicitors, Leeds for ten years where he was a partner in the private client team.

Oliver has successfully mediated a wide range of disputes. He is a first rate communicator and is quick to build trust. He uses a psychotherapeutic approach to mediation to help parties find workable solutions to a wide range of emotive and contentious issues.

His background in private client law gives him the ability to help parties with their most sensitive, personal and private affairs within the complex frame work of trust, tax, company, partnership, property, employment, probate and elder law . Oliver maintains that no matter how complicated and entrenched the problem, it is nearly always possible for participants to achieve a mediated solution.

Oliver is an advocate and practitioner of non-evaluative mediation. With the help of the mediator, the process gives the parties the opportunity to find their own solution. It is not the mediator’s role to express opinions on the relevant law or on the merits of particular positions. Oliver is an expert in reality-testing and challenging the parties’ positions, to give the parties the best chance of negotiating a mutually acceptable solution.

Mediations during lockdown: Oliver is happy to mediate face to face where it is permitted under current government guidelines and it is safe to do so. He is happy to mediate online (via Zoom) and over the telephone in time-limited and full day mediations.

Testimonials from referrers about Oliver’s work as a Mediator


“Thanks for all your help yesterday, Oliver. You were patient and worked hard. Thanks too for your sensitivity. It is a difficult dispute on so many levels for the clients, and my room certainly found you very reassuring.”  Thomas Dumont QC, Radcliffe Chambers



I recently used Oliver Hallam for mediation in a protracted probate dispute with half siblings. We decided to try mediation as a last ditch attempt to resolve the matter before it went to court and costs became extortionate. I didn’t know what to expect and as quite anxious and stressed given the nature of my case. Oliver put me at ease from the outset of the process. Even before the mediation session, he explained each step full and even made himself a available to speak to out of hours. When I attended mediation, I found Oliver extremely friendly and approachable. He explained the process and what to expect. He even provided much needed snacks to keep energy levels up throughout the day. Much to my surprise but absolute relief he managed to successfully mediate between the parties until we reached an agreement! It was a weight off my shoulders. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oliver Hallam as a mediator to an one else going through a similar dispute situation. It may not be suitable for everyone but it s definitely worth a try!” Stephanie Green

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