Dispute Resolution Week 2014

Dispute Resolution Week 2014

Today is the start of dispute resolution week for family lawyers 

The focus of this week is raising awareness of non court based methods of resolving family related issues. 

At Consilia Legal we help you to make the right decisions for you and your family so that you choose the right path to achieve future goals

We deliberately chose the name of our business because from the outset we believe it is fundamental to work with you in the best way for you 

Consilia being the plural of Consilium means advice, working together, working in harmony and that goes to the core of our belief as to how we should work with our clients, whether through mediation, collaborative law, traditional legal negotiations or through the process of the family courts 

We offer fixed fee initial appointments / options meetings to enable us to meet each other, find out and explore what options are best for you and in turn you decide how you feel it is best to proceed

Our aim to work with you to achieve the best outcome for you and your family going forward 

As part of DR week we are offering 50% reduction in the cost of any MIAMS appointments booked this week – please quote #MIAMSDR when booking

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