Mental Health Awareness Week and Family Mediation

Mental Health Awareness Week and Family Mediation

As Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close it is a timely reminder that family breakdown can be one of life’s most stressful and distressing events and one which may have a huge impact upon your physical and mental well being as you go through a family crisis whether it be divorce, or trying to resolve issues such as where your children should live and how often they should they spend time with either parent. 

The process as to how issues are resolved can have a fundamental impact upon not only the outcome but also upon dialogue and relations between you and your ex partner which,  if you are parents, is of great importance to your children going forward into the future. Research shows that outcomes for children are improved in two separate happy households as opposed to a household full of conflict. If you are able to retain/work on having a constructive dialogue as parents even if you no longer have a dialogue as a couple this will assist your children to cope with the change to their family life.

Family mediation is a future focused process and one which embraces the fact that as parents you know your children better than anyone. As mediators we help you make decisions and retain control of those decisions as opposed to handing over control to a judge in a court room, which is not only a costly exercise but can also be very disempowering. The process of separation is never an easy one but through mediation the transition can be smoothed and is a far cheaper, quicker and emotionally and financially less costly process than formal litigation. Mediation is not a form of counselling ot therapeutic support and we can provide names of local counsellors and therapists to support and assist you as you go through the process and compliment the work you do within the mediation session.

Our aim is to help you to resolve matters in the most cost effective and sensitve manner possible as you and your family move towards a different future.

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